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Hey look around and see what we got!

Yes its a garage sale buy or sell sell sell sell. If u wish to sell something Please notify us at any of our email adresses and we will get back to you as soon as possiblepost.

Team leader


Team Evolutions garage sale!

Ben Turner is selling BOSS, RAIDER for .  It comes with a drop forward, j and j 2 peice, 32 degrees mask, and stock barrel.  If you would like to buy this product please call 532-5046 or email me at slappy64@hotmail.com and i will tell him.   

I am selling a RAVEN NVX goggle system.  I am selling it for 40 dollars.  Its in good shape it just needs a new lense.  Call me at 537-9237.

*****UPDATE*******  The Raven googles have just been cleaned and the lense has been replaced.



I am selling a tippmann 98-I put brand new internals in it-new ball detent-new feed-new front grip ...go ahead and make an offer.


I am selling an aluminum 12 oz c02 tank and a 9 oz c02 tank. Seperate it will be for the 12 oz and 10 for the 9 oz. And together they will be . All they need is the burst disk replaced which is really cheap like .99 cents.



All products that are sold on our site have to be 100% reliable.  If something is sold defective or damaged the seller will be fined 50.00 if false advertisment is advertised.  After that they will be banned from selling items.  All money orders have to be in cash or check.  There will be a 5 day holding period to check product and money payables.( like what ebay's paypal system does.)

Team Captian