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Patrick Shick-

Brad Rich-




This is the Smart Part Impulse.  This is not my gun but pat shick owns it.

Pros- easy setup, good stock barrel, easy to clean, quiet.

Cons- spring cap

This gun is a great gun for the money.



This hopper is a sweet one.  LCD is easy to read and is big.  Has many different modes in it also.  Game counter, ball counter,and battery indicator.  When it says Tilt Sound Activation it does what it says.  Tilt means that when you tilt the gun to the right the rotor spins left.  When you tilt it to the left it spins to the right.  This makes the paint feed better.  Also the rotor's blades are big, small, big, small, big.  This can hold 250+.  The only bad things are that its kinda big and thats it. Its Great.



This is the DYE Invision mask.  This is a great looking mask. Take a look at the pros and cons.

Pros- Good looking, fits tight around the head/facial area, great peripherial vision,comfertable, lense is easy to clean.

Cons-  If you dont clean it, it starts to fade and turn into the ugliest looking thing. 

This is a good mask just clean it and your in the good.